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Emerald Isle Recycling
is a 20-year old Recycling Company, recognized for its expertise and professionalism in resolving the challenges encountered when developing proper and cost effective waste management.

“Green” long before today’s current catch phrase “Going Green” was popularized; Emerald Isle Recycling provides comprehensive services for all your recycling needs. We offer collections, purchasing, processing, and marketing of paper, plastic and metals from both large and small scale operations. 

If you are a consumer intent on helping the environment by reserving their business for ecologically responsible companies, Emerald Isle Recycling is just such a company. Some of our customers include printers, manufacturers, waste-haulers, recyclers, offices, apartment complexes and condominiums.

The “Green” approach to business is not only healthy for the environment; it also has very practical benefits for communities and companies, especially those who generate large amounts of waste in their manufacturing process.

Our service is designed to meet your needs now and anticipate future needs. Our experienced staff will analyze your waste generation and recycling possibilities. Emerald Isle Recycling promises to provide you with the education that will allow you to properly manage and minimize your waste disposal cost. This is the key to choosing the proper recycling equipment.

Our commitment is to the environment and you!

An Emerald Isle Recycling Specialist will come to your business, residential complex or office to conduct a comprehensive Waste Audit at no cost to you.

Contact us to schedule your complimentary Waste Audit now.

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